Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thift Store Finds

I popped into a thrift store the other day "just to look"...which never works. But I did show restraint and did not buy everything that I wanted. Kuddos to me! So here are a few things that I picked up...
I grabbed 6 of these plates because the color would look great with my patio furniture and they were $.98 a piece. There were 8 but a couple of them were a little too chipped so I picked the 6 best ones. I also like the rounded square look. I might try them in a table setting this weekend for a family BBQ.
At $.39 and $.49 per napkin I grabbed as many as they had in the colors I liked. The gold looking napkins actually are more of a camel color in person, they didn't photograph well.  I bought 9 of the camel colored ones and 5 of the white.
These little cuties are my favorite from this shopping trip and were only $3.49 a piece. Score! Yea, sure they look tacky right now, but a coat of spray paint and a nice shade and these babies will be looking fly on my nightstands.
Lastly, I picked up 3 of these candle holders for $.49 a pop. They had them in the drinking glasses section and there were about 12 of them, but I honestly don't think they would work that good for drinking out of...weird. I thought they were the perfect size for a tealight candle and they look cute on my patio table.
Total I spent a little over $20. Not too bad for all that, right? I love thrift stores. It takes patience but when you go alone (no whining kids...or husbands for that matter!) you can find some really great deals. They had even more things that I wanted to take home with me but I talked myself out of it...until next time, that is.
So what about you?  Picked up any good second-hand finds recently?

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  1. How in the world did you find that great of stuff at the thrift store??? The sale gods must be on your side! :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    It's an Easy Life

    1. It's hit and miss. This was a definate HIT! Thanks, Amanda. Have a good weekend too!